FB STUDIOS offers a variety of rental space options that provide creative and innovative solutions for your next Photography Shoot, Dance, and Fitness Production, Film Production, Video Shoot, or Private Studio Rental needs, all in one labor-saving vicinity. Whether it’s a Corporate Office, Night Club, or Gym Scene, we provide multiple alternatives in bringing your visions to life.
FB STUDIOS amenities includes: 16ft x 22ft Cyc Wall; Green Screen; 400″ Wide Movie Theater Sized Projection Screen; 150″ Remote Controlled Drop Down Projection Screen; 16ft Tall Removable Dancer Pole; His & Her Makeup and Dressing Rooms, An Eclectic Spot Lit, and 12 selectively built sets.
FB STUDIOS is more than just a production studio. FB STUDIOS gives you the best of both worlds by affording you the benefits of convenience and imaginative options in the same great location.
  • Package Pricing
    • Photography Studio Rental
      Studio A $75 per hour
      Studio B $50 per hour
      Entire Studio $100 per hour
    • Videography Studio Rental
      Studio A/B $100 per hour
      Entire Studio $150 per hour
    • Space Rental
      (rehearsal, practices, meetings etc.)
      Studio A or B $100 per hour
      Entire Studio $150 per hour
  • Extra Services
    • Equipment Rental $25 for three hours
    • Visual Graphics
      Flyers $75
      Digital Comp Cards $200
    • Makeup/ MUA: $50-$250
    • Hair Stylist: $50-$250
    • Creative Director: $100 per hour
    • Custom Set Building:
      FB studios owner is a licensed general contractor with over 24 years of experience. He has been flown to Los Angeles to build out custom sets. He can create and bring your vision to life.
      Call for set construction pricing